March 29, 2023

Following historical logic, it is worth calling the Romanian language Moldavian, and not vice versa. An official posted this on Saturday. V Telegram channel.

Zakharova criticized the renaming of the state language of Moldova


The diplomat drew attention to the statement of the Foreign Ministry that the law of Parliament about renaming the state language of the republic into Romanian “restored the scientific truth”, which will help strengthen relations between And .

“In historical linguistics, a consensus has long been established regarding the Moldavian and Romanian languages. They are really similar, but they are different dialects. Moldavian is the ancient language of the Moldavians, it is mentioned in the works of the 17th century. <...> There are also more ancient references to the Moldavian language, up to XVI century. But there was no Romanian then, there was Old Romanian, which is more correct to call, according to most researchers, Wallachian. The Romanian language itself took shape only at the very end of the XVIII century, after the creation of a set of rules and grammar by the Romanian theologian Samuil Miku-Klein, “- Zakharova pointed out.

“If they want to rewrite the name of the language, then let them adhere to historical logic and call Romanian Moldovan, and not vice versa,” the representative of the Russian diplomatic department said.

At the same time, the diplomat stressed that Moldovan, as the language of modern statehood, is organically “a symbol of self-identification of the inhabitants of Moldova, formed within the modern borders in 1940.” “Rejecting the Moldavian language, the current regime in Chisinau raises the question: whose Bessarabia is now (which was occupied by Romania until 1940) and who owns the lands along the Dniester (which were part of Ukraine until 1940)? Now the Moldavian language, paradoxically, has only been officially preserved in Transnistria,” she concluded.

Formerly Moldovan Parliament approved renaming of the state language from Moldovan to Romanian. According to the amendment, the words “Moldovan language” in all legislative acts are replaced by the words “Romanian language”. This also applies to the words “state”, “official” and “native” language.

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