March 23, 2023

It happened to everyone that the phone is discharged at the most inopportune moment, when there is neither a charger nor an external battery at hand. Sometimes it happens that the charger becomes unusable – but you still need to feed the phone somehow. We share three ways to charge a mobile phone battery without a charger.

What to do if you need to charge your phone without charging: instructions


What to do if there is no charger at hand?

If you urgently need to charge your phone, but don’t have a power bank or cable handy, the easiest advice is to ask for help. Almost any cafe, restaurant or even a store will certainly not refuse you if you explain the situation and ask to recharge your mobile phone a little. Also remember that phones can often be recharged on public transport or at special charging stations in shopping centers.

Charging with PC via USB cable

You can easily forget about it, but any modern mobile phone can be charged without any problems by simply connecting it to the USB port of a computer or laptop. In addition to them, other devices are also suitable for recharging: for example, sometimes USB connectors are found in cars. Charging speed without a dedicated charger will likely be slower, but it’s better than nothing.

Charging with a “frog”

“Frrogs” are universal chargers for mobile batteries that connect directly to the outlet. They are sold in many electronics stores, but it is important to consider one critical nuance: the “frog” will only help if you have a removable battery. A significant part of modern smartphones does not allow you to remove the battery.

If your brand of phone has a removable battery, the procedure is simple. Pull out the battery and identify the poles of the contacts: they are usually marked with plus and minus signs. Open the “frog” and put the battery inside so that its contacts match the corresponding contacts of the device. After that, insert the “frog” into the outlet – if you did everything right, the diode on it will light up. Just in case, be warned that this method can adversely affect battery life.

Charging with improvised means

If you can’t use USB charging or a frog, you can rely on a couple of more primitive methods. They are only suitable as a last resort: both will provide a very small charge, which is enough at best to send a text message or one or two calls. The first way is to wrap the battery contacts with duct tape or tape. The second is heating the battery with some kind of heat source: for example, a home heater or a mug of hot tea. Be careful not to keep the battery warm for too long.

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