March 31, 2023

Pentagon: US did not ask Russia for an apology in connection with the incident with the drone

Washington has not officially apologized to Russia in connection with the incident with an American reconnaissance drone that crashed over the Black Sea, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder said. About it writes TASS.

“No, we did not ask for an apology,” the brigadier general emphasized.

The challenge for US officials was to make their position clear on the issue of flying, Ryder explained.

The spokesman elaborated that officials have said both privately and on official venues that US military pilots will continue to fly in international airspace.

Recall that on March 14, the US Air Force MQ-9 drone was heading towards the Russian border with transponders turned off. During the flight, he invaded the area closed by Russia after the start of the special operation.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation raised fighters in order to find out the ownership of the aircraft. As a result of excessive abrupt maneuvers taken by the drone operator, the drone crashed into the Black Sea.

The Russian defense ministry stressed that the fighter pilots did not approach the device and did not use weapons against it.

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