March 31, 2023


One of the main advantages of band training is that it doesn’t rely on gravity to create resistance. That’s why you can perform a variety of exercises from different anglesto induce stress on the muscles in different directions for full development.

Besides, incorporating band workouts into your program allows you to add variety to your workouts and gives the joints the opportunity to rest from the constant loading with dumbbells.

Can rubber bands replace dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells

No, but when used with these tools, bands are great for adding volume and intensity to your workout without overstretching. Before moving on to the three types of workouts, let’s look at three benefits of adding bands to your workouts.

Set of muscle fibers

The advantage of tapes is that they don’t depend on gravity to create drag, so you can perform a variety of exercises from different angles. You can attach the bands to any solid surface to hit all your muscles from different angles, increasing your muscle building potential.

Strength Curve Improvement

The power curve is the force generated by the muscles at each stage of movement within the exercise. Due to the angle of the joint, the resistance does not always remain constant. For example, when pressing dumbbells on a bench, more effort is required in the first thirds of the movement than at the point of blocking.

Rubber the tape opposes this curve to the force. When the band is not stretched, less force is required to move it, but more force is required when it is blocked, thus improving your strength where it is needed at the point of blocking.

Gentle exercises for your joints

When you lift dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, or anything else, you put stress on your joints. But if the tape is not stretched, it has minimal impact on the jointswhich is great if you have joint pain or want to add volume without sacrificing recovery.

Barbells are great for adding mass and strength, but it is important to change your workouts to avoid overload and develop muscles better. The bands add intensity to your workout in a more gentle way and can be used anywhere.

Join the workout with the tape

You will notice that these workouts are mass-building focused and high in volume and intensity. And if you only train with bands, then High rep workouts are better for you.

chest and triceps

You can do these exercises in a giant circle, doing each exercise one after the other, or just do straight sets to each exercise before moving on to the next. This will allow you to train your chest, shoulders and triceps without using a barbell.

Band Abs: 3 x 10-12 reps

To warm up your chest muscles, simply wrap the band around your back and press forward.

Tape push-ups: 3 x AMRAP

Wrap the band around your back, under your arms, and try doing 10 to 20 reps per set.

Single Sided Extended Press: 3×10-12 reps

Attach the band to something at chest level and pull it across your body until you feel a contraction in your chest.

Frontal Breed & Overhead Press Superset: 3 x 10-15 reps

After performing 10-15 reps of frontal dilution with a tape, immediately proceed to perform an overhead press with a tape.

Pulling arms back: 3 × 10-15 reps

Secure the band at elbow level by leaning forward slightly and pushing your arms down and back as you would when doing a dumbbell pull back.

Overhead Raise: 3×15-20 reps

Just wrap the tape over an open door or attach it to a bar and do an overhead abduction like you would on a cable machine.

Back and shoulders

Again, you can do these exercises as one big circuit, or you can do them sequentially, resting 30-60 seconds between sets.

Close deadlift: 4 x 15-20 reps

Attach the band to a high point and pull it with straight arms to engage your large back muscles and prepare your shoulders for work.

Sitting Tape Row: 4×12 reps

Anchor the band at chest level and pull your wrists toward your ribs, keeping your shoulders down and your chest up.

Incline Row: 4×10-15 reps

You can step on a thick tape and hold it in your hands, or use a strong broom through the tape.

Tape breeding: 4 × 15-25 repetitions

These repetitions must be performed in a controlled manner. And when combined with a lot of repetitions, it is better to use a light tape.

Recumbent Tape Row: 4×12 reps

Fasten the band at chest level and if you have a bench, use it, otherwise you can do the exercise on the floor. Keep a slight bend in your elbows and don’t go any lower than your shoulders allow.

lower body

After you complete this brutal five-exercise, focusing on the buttocks, thighs and quadricepsyou may wish back the barbell.

Do the first two exercises in a superset, and then the next three exercises in a triset.

1A. Bulgarian lunges: 3×15 reps each leg

Raise your back leg up on a chair or bench, and then walk the gang under your front leg, keeping it in front of you. At the end of the last rep, hold at the top for 10 seconds and switch to hip lunges with the gang.

1b. One-legged hip lunges with a gang: 3 × 12-15 (each leg)

Tie a band at the hips, fixing it on each side, and resting the upper back on the bench. Feel the fire in your buttocks. Rest 60 seconds and superset two more times for a total of three rounds.

2A. Gang Leg Curl: 3 x 10-12 reps

Strong people can use two bands here, one under each leg, but make sure they are properly secured. Once you’re done, move on to terminal hamstring exercises.

2b. Terminal Hamstring Exercises: 3 x 15-20 reps

Attach a strong band at knee level, wrap it around the back of your knee, and simply bend and straighten your leg. These exercises are great for training the “tear” muscle on your quadriceps. Then move on to side walks.

2C. Lateral walks with the gang: 3 x 15-20 reps each side

Tie a band under each leg and hold on tight to each.

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