March 29, 2023
The Russian Navy will receive five newest submarines

Photo: British Ministry of DefenseBritish Ministry of Defense

“The Navy will be replenished in 2023 with five newest submarines at once – three nuclear and two diesel ones. After repair and modernization, two more submarine nuclear-powered ships will return to combat,” RIA Novosti reports the words of Alexei Rakhmanov.

Director noted that now nuclear submarines are being built for about seven years. By 2028, the corporation plans to reduce the construction period to six years. The new deadlines apply to ships that will be laid down in 2027.

Former President of the Russian Federation declaredthat in the coming years, three more nuclear submarines, similar to the cruiser “Emperor Alexander III”, will replenish the Russian Navy. He noted that with the acceptance of this cruiser into the Navy, the share of modern weapons and equipment in the naval strategic nuclear forces will reach 100%. In addition, the Navy will receive at its disposal nuclear submarine (NPS) “Perm”, equipped with the latest hypersonic missiles “Zirkon”, in 2026.

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