March 29, 2023

Airlines USA, which are unable to fly over Russian territory, wanted to ban such flights to foreign competitors, as requested by the White House and Congress. The newspaper reports The New York Times.

US airlines want to ban competitors from flying through Russia

Thus, due to the loss of polar routes, American companies changed plans for trans-Pacific flights, reduced the number of passengers and cargo, and also postponed the launch of more than ten planned routes in MumbaiTokyo, Seoul and other cities. As a result, US carriers suffer losses because foreign competitors who are able to fly through Russiatransport passengers faster and at a lower cost, which gives them, according to the American side, an “unfair advantage”.

US airlines are asking the White House and Congress to impose restrictions on foreign carriers that they have imposed on themselves, “virtually forcing them to fly on the same routes as their American competitors.” In particular, a spokeswoman for Airlines for America, Marley Collier, said that aircraft of foreign companies should not take off, land and transit through US airports.

The publication suggested that the proposal received the support of the US Department of Transportation. Thus, a draft order was prepared prohibiting Chinese airlines carrying passengers to the United States from flying through Russia. The document is currently under review.

In January source RIA News informedthat airports and airlines Turkey did not receive instructions from the United States to prevent flights from Russia using American-made Boeing aircraft.

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