March 31, 2023

Jordanian expert on Islamic movements Hassan Abu Haniya commented on the burning of the Koran by the military of the Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU), noting that in this way the country is moving towards Nazism and ultra-right ideology, reports RIA News.

Ukraine was accused of moving towards Nazism

“Ukraine is gradually drifting towards the far right and Nazism, and this is a fact, not just propaganda,” he said.

According to him, attempts to offend religious symbols are now something new that was not there before. The expert also pointed out that today in the West they are trying to cancel Russian culture.

March 17 chapter Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov announced an award for a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who kindled a fire using the pages of the Koran to kindle. For their destruction, he announced a reward of five million rubles, and for their capture – ten million rubles. According to him, the Ukrainian military showed their “true fascist-satanic insides.” He also expressed doubt that the fighters would have had the courage to do this if there were Chechens or Muslims nearby.

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