March 31, 2023

Ministry of Defense of Russia for the first time published footage of the combat use of the Typhoon-VDV multi-purpose armored car by Russian paratroopers against the positions of Ukrainian militants in the zone of the special military operation. The units of the Airborne Forces (VDV) continue to carry out combat missions to detect and destroy the enemy in the zone of the NMD.

Russian Defense Ministry showed the first footage of the use of an armored car "Typhoon-VDV"

Photo: tv startv star

The reconnaissance group of the Airborne Forces, having received the task, quickly collected and advanced to the reconnaissance area. Then, on the line of contact, the group began to carry out the task, using unmanned aircraft to locate the Ukrainian platoon stronghold. The coordinates of the detected enemy were transmitted to the control point, and soon a fire strike was dealt to the enemy.

Further, an assault detachment of Ulyanovsk paratroopers on Typhoon-VDV multi-purpose armored vehicles advanced to capture the positions of the militants. Approaching the minimum close distance to the positions of the enemy, the paratroopers, with fire from a 30-mm automatic cannon from the cannon-machine-gun complex mounted on an armored car, suppressed the firing points of Ukrainian formations in a strong point, and after that, an assault detachment of “winged infantry” parachuted from an armored car, who, showing courage and courage, captured and defeated the nationalists.

Previously airborne armored group and T-80 tank crews defeated the Ukrainian stronghold in the SVO zone. The crews of military vehicles and tanks, having made a march on standard equipment, approached the enemy and opened heavy fire on him.

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