March 30, 2023
Named the possible cause of a gas explosion in a high-rise building in Bashkiria

“Preliminarily, the cause of the cotton could be a short circuit in the electrical wiring and damage to the gas meter,” the report said.

In connection with the emergency, an investigation is underway.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as a result of the explosion of the gas-air mixture by fire damaged stretch ceiling and walls, household property in the kitchen measuring 3 by 4 m and in a room measuring 6 by 3 m in a one-room apartment in an apartment building, the glazing was also damaged. The plaster was crumbling in the hallway. 63 people were evacuated from two entrances, including 14 children.

A temporary accommodation center has been prepared, according to preliminary data, no one was injured. There is no threat of collapse of the house, the gas in the entrance is blocked.

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