March 21, 2023
The Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about the fate of the Afghans who collaborated with the United States

According to Russian diplomats, practically abandoned tens of thousands of former allies to the mercy of fate.

Thus, more than 60 thousand people who were promised the right to reside in the United States still remain in the territory. . Of about 124,000 more Afghans who were nevertheless taken out of the country, only 82,000 made it to the opposite coast of the Atlantic. At the same time, only 4.5 thousand of them received official refugee status. For the rest, literally in six months, the two-year period ends, during which they can stay in the United States. What will happen to these people next is an open question.

“Several thousand refugees are stationed at bases in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Spain, Italy and Germany in anticipation of the American dream,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“At the same time, the United States has enough arrogance at the hands of human rights organizations accountable to them, such as accuse, for example, the Emirati authorities of mistreating 2.7 thousand Afghans, whom the Americans themselves do not allow to leave for third countries,” the department added.

The problem with the children taken to the USA did not receive publicity either.

“234 Afghan children are separated from their parents, 42 of them are transferred to foster families without any consent,” the report says.

In this regard, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed bewilderment as to why the United States is putting pressure on the leadership of Afghanistan, allegedly for non-observance of “human rights according to the Western model,” but at the same time they themselves interpret them in a fairly wide range.

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