March 31, 2023

simultaneously accept the position of the International Criminal Court on the need to arrest the President of Russia and deny all accusations of this body in their direction. Russian embassy in stated that their position resembled schizophrenia. About it writes RIA News.

The Russian Embassy accused the US of double standards

The diplomatic mission noted that the US authorities allow themselves “unacceptable statements” against the head of the Russian state, but deliberately keep silent about their own “atrocities” in Libya, Iraq, Vietnam and Yugoslavia. Diplomats recalled that Washington allowed itself to impose economic sanctions against the leadership of the court when it investigated US crimes in Afghanistan.

The Russian embassy expressed confidence that there can be no question of any impartiality in this matter.

“This position is reminiscent of sluggish schizophrenia,” the diplomats stated.

They noted that all high-ranking officials in the United States have repeatedly stated the insignificance of the court’s decisions, but the desire to “spoil Russia” in this case outweighed even their strategic interest.

“For the sake of their own geopolitical interests, they are supporting the unprecedented legal bacchanalia unleashed by the ICC,” the embassy concluded.

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