March 21, 2023

Advocate stated that the publication of posts by Lerchek, as well as by her husband Artem Chekalin, could be regarded as a violation of the court order. About it informs “”.

The lawyer assessed the risks of publishing posts by bloggers Lerchek and her husband

According to him, if someone else makes the publication, it may not immediately attract the attention of law enforcement agencies. But if the publications continue, this may be regarded as a violation of court orders.

“At some point, anyway, law enforcement agencies will have a question, why are they taking these photos and videos? If for a family album, then why is it all on social networks? And it doesn’t matter who put it up, bloggers can end up in jail,” Dobrovinsky said.

Recall that on March 16, the Savelovsky Court of Moscow banned better known as Lerchek, as well as her husband use mail, telephone, means of communication and the Internet. At the moment, the spouses are accused of laundering 130 million rubles.

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