March 29, 2023
The Kremlin spoke about the long dialogue between Putin and Gerasimov at the headquarters of the special operation


The representative of the Kremlin spoke about the “quite detailed report” on the situation in the NWO zone on Ukraine.

“Putin listened to reports on the areas that take place there every day, and then he spoke with Gerasimov for quite a long time in a separate office. The assessment of the situation was given,” he added. .

The spokesman also pointed to the ongoing work at the headquarters of the SVO, “during the day, reports are made several times in areas.”

On the morning of March 19 became knownthat Putin held a meeting at the command post of the Northern Military District in Rostov-on-Don, where he heard reports from Gerasimov and a number of military leaders. The main purpose of the visit of Peskov named checking the command post in normal mode.

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