March 29, 2023
The impact of the meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping on the Ukrainian conflict is assessed

Previously spokesperson Dmitry Peskov informedthat the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the President of China will be held behind closed doors on March 20. The next day, the two leaders are scheduled to have formal talks.

Political topics of the meeting

From the point of view of political interaction, of course, the leaders will discuss the situation on Ukraine and the development of a global confrontation between the global West and the global East, I am convinced .

“I think the leaders of the two countries will coordinate their positions on key issues, including the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict. We know that China has proposed a plan to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, but these are only principles, not concrete steps to be taken to resolve the crisis. It is very likely that the common position of the two countries will be formed on the basis of these principles. Of course, this will not be enough to resolve the conflict, but it will be an equally important sign, ”said the interlocutor of

At the same time, Babayev recalled that today both Russia and China declare that they are interested in a speedy resolution of the conflict. However, in any case, the settlement of the conflict depends on two parties: Russia and Ukraine.

“So far there are no signals that the other side is ready to take any steps. Therefore, of course, this meeting will not lead to concrete results in resolving the Ukrainian crisis,” he added.

Economic topics of the meeting

The interlocutor of also noted that meaningful agreements are expected from Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow, primarily related to the development of economic relations between Russia and China.

“We have a lot of unresolved issues. First of all, this concerns Chinese investments in the Russian economy, the localization of Chinese production in our territory and the development of payments in national currencies,” the specialist said.

At the meeting of the two leaders, concrete contracts between large Russian and Chinese corporations may be considered, Babayev said.

“Announcements have already been made that the amount of these contracts can reach billions of dollars. I believe that this visit should give a serious impetus to the further development of economic relations between the countries, which are developing very dynamically,” he concluded.

Assistant to the President for International Affairs Yuri Ushakov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will make press statements at the end of official talks scheduled for March 21.

It is expected that after the talks, the leaders will sign two important documents – a joint statement on deepening comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation and a statement on a plan to develop key areas of Russian-Chinese economic cooperation until 2030.

Earlier it became known that Chinese leader Xi Jinping plans talk to the President of Ukraine . This will probably happen after his visit to Moscow. The Wall Street Journal writes about it.

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