March 31, 2023

MEP from Ireland Claire Daly said that the Ukrainian army is in a sorry state, as it consists of poorly trained recruits who run away from the battlefield at the first opportunity. According to her, thirsting for an early victory Ukraine Western politicians do not understand this. Video of your performance European Parliament Daly published in Twitter.

MEP spoke about the deplorable state of the Ukrainian army

“Hearing cheers of support here, safely, thousands of miles from the front line, I think it would be useful for us to know what ordinary Ukrainians are going through,” she stressed.

Daly, referring to the investigations of foreign media and the statements of the European and Ukrainian military, told how the command in Kyiv sends recruits without experience, and for the massive abandonment of positions, deserters are repressed.

“This cannot go on indefinitely, and you disgusting generals are sitting here and forcing these people to go to their deaths, I’m sick of you,” the politician emphasized.

The West should stop talking about the supply of weapons to continue the conflict and think about peace and dialogue, the European politician concluded.

March 18, former intelligence officer of the Armed Forces USA Tony Shaffer declaredthat after the defeat in Artemovsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can retreat all the way to the Dnieper. In his opinion, Kyiv manages its troops and resources so badly that Ukrainian units will not be able to regroup and continue the defense.

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