March 31, 2023

Countries are discussing how to remove obstacles to a deal to purchase ammunition for and about which of the states could supply ammunition to Ukraine in the event of a shortage in Europe. This is reported by Euractiv, citing anonymous diplomatic sources.

The EU faced difficulties in choosing ammunition suppliers for Ukraine

The material reports that negotiations to reach a political agreement regarding defense supplies to Ukraine should continue on March 17. But the EU still cannot reach a consensus on the suppliers of ammunition for subsequent shipment to Kyiv.

“Two main disagreements remain: will countries rely on production in the EU or will they be able to purchase ammunition from third countries,” the article says.

Among the potential countries where it will be possible to purchase shells, the United States and South Korea are considered, is the publication.

Earlier, the Politico newspaper wrote that the EU countries are close to completing work on an agreement to replenish dwindling ammunition stocks for Ukraine. This is a €2 billion deal.

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