March 23, 2023

Current president Milo Djukanovic broke the pre-election silence. The newspaper reported on SundayVespers News“.

The current president of Montenegro broke the pre-election silence

It is reported that Djukanovic, after voting in the presidential elections in Montenegro, told reporters that he would again “become president in the second round of elections”, that he “is not an enemy “and is ready to be friends with all countries,” starting with Serbia. During this period, campaigning, holding campaign rallies in public places and publishing assessments of the election results are prohibited, as well as candidates are prohibited from presenting themselves, holding debates and giving interviews.

Earlier, Djukanovic spoke rather harshly about Serbia in the pre-election debate, accusing Belgrade of nationalism and destabilization of the entire region.

On March 19, elections of the President of the Republic are held in Montenegro. Seven candidates are running for the presidency of Montenegro. At number one, according to the results of the draw, is the incumbent president and long-term permanent leader of Montenegro Djukanovic. The second on the list is the representative of the Europe Now movement, Yakov Milatovic, the third is the candidate of the Coalition for the Future of Serbia. who advocates the preservation of normal relations between Montenegro and Serbia and Russia.

The fourth number is independent candidate Jovan Radulovic, a blogger whose Instagram page (banned in the Russian Federation, owned by the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) is followed by 245,000 people. Fifth on the list is the candidate of the “United Montenegro” Goran Danilovic, at number six is ​​the ex-speaker of parliament, leader of the “Democratic Montenegro” Aleksa Becic, the last on the list is the only female candidate Dragina Vuksanovic, representing the Social Democratic Party of Montenegro.

The elections are taking place amid a protracted political crisis following the defeat Socialists of Montenegro Djukanovic in the parliamentary elections on August 30, 2020. According to polls, none of the candidates will be able to win in the first round. According to the State Election Commission, 542,154 voters have the right to vote in the country, who will be able to cast their votes at more than 1,200 polling stations. They will close at 20:00 (22:00 Moscow time).

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