March 30, 2023
The case of the murder of a Russian woman in Finland was returned to the Investigative Committee

It is noted that the case was returned for further investigation. According to the prosecutor’s office, there is no solid evidence in the case, since most of the prosecution’s arguments are based on assumptions. Thus, it is not possible to bring cases to court for the second time.

The murder of Yulia Seredenko took place in 2013 in Finland. The victim’s husband is accused of committing the crime, but he denies any involvement in the murder. According to investigators, after moving to Finland, the couple began to swear often and decided to disperse. During one of the conversations about the future division of property between the spouses, a quarrel began again. According to the investigation, the verbal conflict turned into a fight, during which the man killed his wife, after which he threw the body into the pond.

Early Russian suspected in the murder of an elderly woman because of a parking space.

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