March 30, 2023

Ex-captain of the nuclear submarine (NPS) “Novomoskovsk” told how the submarine rammed a cruiser in 1993. His words are quoted by the Telegram channel of the Zvezda TV channel.

According to him, the American submarine USS Grayling collided with the Russian submarine cruiser Novomoskovsk near the territorial waters of Russia in the Barents Sea, however, no one was injured in the incident. The former captain noted that the ship’s crew got off with a fright.

“After this going to sea on vacation, I was baptized. Because there was simply no better place for a collision. A little lower is the battery, in front of the torpedo tubes, to the left is the central post and missile silos. The American commander Richard Earl, after the collision, did not consider it necessary to surface, as we did, and try to provide assistance, ”he said.

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