March 31, 2023

IN police found the body of an elderly man with a gunshot wound to the head in an apartment building. About it writes Baza Telegram channel.

The administrator of the Sandunovsky baths shot himself after being fired

It is noted that the deceased worked for 17 years as an administrator in the Sandunovsky baths. In 2022, he began to have epileptic seizures, the management of the institution was forced to fire him.

His mother said that after the dismissal, the 56-year-old son had a depressive state. At the same time, he behaved normally, he did not speak about suicide.

It is specified that the former administrator committed suicide with a hunting rifle.

Recall that various incidents often occur in the bath complexes of the capital. So, in December 2016 in Sanduny there was conflict visitors with gunfire. Also, a shootout ended in a conflict between guests in an institution located in Chechersky passage.

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