March 30, 2023

Domestic kamikaze drone of aircraft type “Privet-82” will enter the special operation zone in April. Writes about it TASS with reference to a representative of the design bureau “Oko”.

Russian kamikaze drone "Hi-82" will be sent to the NWO zone

Photo: Russian newspaperRussian newspaper

This enthusiast-based organization specializes in building ultra-cheap, multifunctional drones. To date, 33 serial samples of the kamikaze drone “Privet-82” are ready for shipment to the NVO zone.

“We are collecting applications and preparing for shipment several batches that have already been purchased from us for testing in a special operation,” the source said, adding that these drones are intended primarily for volunteer associations.

The approximate cost of one device is 110 thousand rubles. At the same time, Oko is a young design bureau that does not have licenses, and therefore it does not participate in the state defense order. “As a civilian design bureau, Oko has no right to manufacture weapons. We make a carrier. Accordingly, the warhead is installed at the discretion of a particular unit,” the bureau clarified.

You can use “Privet-82” in counter-battery combat and during the assault on fortified areas. Its flight range reaches 30 kilometers, and the speed is 140 kilometers per hour. The designers do not rule out that the drone can be used as a “hunter” for armored vehicles, but this requires a series of tests.

“In the future, we are planning to modernize “Privet-82″ into a front-line bomber, which will be able to drop ammunition and return back,” the source said.

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