March 30, 2023


17.03.2023 10:19

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Lobodaalso popular in Russia, after the start of the SVO openly opposed the decision of the Russian authorities and moved to Latvia.

According to the artist, after the start of the SVO, she was persuaded to stay in Russia, promising large fees. However, the celebrity did not give up his position and still left the country. It is reported by Starhit.

“We will do everything to make you feel like a queen, there will be no one else, only you. We will pay as much as you need, just stay.” But why do I need all these little things, if I have a heart, soul, family, my country, my family,” said Svetlana Loboda.

The performer also noted that she currently does not communicate with her colleagues, focusing entirely on her family.

Author Daria Morozova

Daria Morozova – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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