March 29, 2023

Prosecutor’s office in abuses his official position and tries to settle political scores with the former president . This was announced on Saturday by the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress (Republican, from California).

The US Congress explained the possible accusations against Trump

“It’s happening again – an outrageous malpractice by a radicalized district attorney who unleashes dangerous criminals in an attempt to settle political scores with [бывшим] President Trump,” he tweeted.

“I am instructing relevant committees to immediately launch an investigation into whether public funds were spent to undermine our democratic system by interfering in elections through politically motivated prosecution,” said McCarthy, who occupies the third-highest position in the US government hierarchy.

Republican Trump formerly declaredthat on March 21 he is going to be detained in connection with the trial, which is being conducted by the prosecutor’s office in New York. He called on supporters to hold protests.

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