March 29, 2023

Mayor told several facts about the operation of the capital’s heat supply system. He wrote about this on Saturday, March 18, in his microblog.

Sobyanin spoke about the Moscow heat supply system - the largest in the world

The urban heating system is the largest in the world: its length is over 17 thousand kilometers, which is more than the distance from Moscow to the South Pole. About 600 new objects are connected to this system on an annual basis.

According to the head of the city, Moscow has one of the longest heating seasons among the world’s megacities. It usually starts in the third decade of September and lasts about 230 days until the beginning of May. Before the start of the heating season, specialists increase the temperature in the batteries in advance, even on the eve of the coming cold snap.

β€œThe volume of the Moscow heat supply system is almost four million cubic meters, which is twice the volume of the Borisov Ponds, the largest reservoir in the capital,” Sobyanin wrote in his Telegram-channel.

Today, the city has more than 6.8 thousand “smart” heat points that monitor the parameters of the equipment and transmit data online. Thanks to such technologies, an uninterrupted supply of heat and hot water is ensured.

Sergei Sobyanin also said that Moscow has become twice as bright as it was 12 years ago, today the city is illuminated more than a million lamps.

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