March 21, 2023


17.03.2023 13:39

Stanislav Sadalsky told about the system of signals that they came up with Dmitry Dibrov for hints during the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

The star of the film “The meeting place cannot be changed” explained that he was once a friend of Dmitry Dibrov.

Sadalsky assured the TV presenter that he would send the money won to the Guild for Actors in Need.

The Honored Artist of the RSFSR came up with the signs that Dibrov was supposed to send him.

“The first correct answer is you clench your fist, the second you scratch your ear. And the third, Dibrov brazenly interrupts, “I fart! And you, Stas, will understand that the smell is answer number 3,” Sadalsky wrote in his microblog.

The actor noted that he managed to win some money without prompting. He, as promised, sent funds to help distressed colleagues in the artistic workshop.

Earlier, Sadalsky spoke about export of foreign currency from Russia.

Author Elena Bylkina

Elena Bylkina – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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