March 21, 2023

Candidate for leader of ruling national party Hamza Yusuf got into an awkward situation at a meeting with refugees from , informs The Daily Mail.

Scottish nationalist got into an awkward situation because of Ukrainian women

He made a mistake during a meeting with internally displaced persons in Edinburgh. As part of the campaign, the candidate said: “So, I have one question: where are all the men?” He also wondered why not a single man escaped with the women from the war zone. Against this background, Yusuf was severely criticized by representatives of the Scottish opposition.

Later, the politician said that he asked his question due to the fact that several Ukrainian men were nearby at that time. He noted that hardly any of the women present were upset or offended by his behavior.

The publication recalls that in Ukraine, male citizens of military age were practically forbidden by the authorities to leave the country due to hostilities with Russia. This means that the majority of Ukrainian refugees arriving in Europe are women, children or the elderly.

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