March 31, 2023

The president declared war on the opposition and launched the destruction of democracy in the republic. Those who disagree with her point of view are declared traitors. This was stated by the executive secretary of the Party of Socialists Vlad Batryncha.

Sandu declares war on dissidents and opposition, SP says

Sandu spoke in parliament on Friday. Only deputies of the ruling party of the ruling party PAS – “Action and Solidarity” were present in the hall. The opposition boycotted the meeting.

According to Batrincha, Sandu decided to turn the parliamentary session into a party meeting. And arrange a party court over the opposition.

“She announced the establishment of a state ideology… about a war against dissidents, the opposition, and gave appropriate orders to justice”… Everyone who is against her declared course and policy are traitors,” wrote Batryncha in the Telegram channel.

Thus, according to him, Sandu declared herself above the Constitution, the state and the whole people. But the people will not tolerate such lawlessness and violation of democratic freedoms.

“It is already clear to people. Moldova demands early elections,” summed up the head of the Moldovan socialists.

Previously Sandu outlined her vision of the conflict in Ukraine. In her opinion, Kyiv observed “neutrality”.

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