March 30, 2023

Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko appealed to Russians not to buy new jeans every season. She made the corresponding statement on the TV channel “Russia 24”, transmits RBC.

The Cabinet urged the Russians not to buy jeans every season

Recall that the Deputy Prime Minister oversees the national project “Ecology”. The journalist asked her to talk about her family’s healthy environmental habits. Abramchenko replied that her family members, like herself, had moved to conscious consumption.

She gave recommendations to those who want to contribute to improving the environment. Thus, according to the vice-premier, it is expedient before buying something to think about how these goods can then be disposed of.

“More jeans: please don’t buy new jeans every season!” she said.

Abramchenko explained that they use too much water in their production. She noted that it is better to walk for a long time in one and try to “reanimate” them.

Earlier it was reported that the world produces a record amount of single-use plastic waste, mainly from polymers derived from fossil fuels.

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