March 21, 2023

IN city ​​of Istra Moscow region a seventh grader died in his own bed after returning from school and lying down to rest. About it informs REN TV, citing a law enforcement source.

Russian teenager returned from school and died in bed
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According to him, a 13-year-old schoolboy, having come home, complained to his father that he was not feeling well. After that, the boy took the medicine and went to bed. The body of a Russian teenager with no signs of life was found only in the morning. The doctors who arrived at the scene were unable to resuscitate the seventh grader. Upon examination, it turned out that the child could choke on vomit in a dream.

The deceased suffered from epilepsy, and the disease often manifested itself during sleep. After the divorce of his parents, he lived with his father, his mother lived separately with her daughter.

Earlier in March, a student of one of the St. Petersburg schools died in gym class. According to a classmate, the girl lost creation in the warm-up. After the fall, the skin of the seventh grader became either pale or blue. Seeing this, another girl ran for ammonia, but he was not in the medical office.

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