March 31, 2023
Russian teenager rebuffed a pedophile teacher who molested him

As the court established, in the summer of 2022, a group of children arrived in Sochi to participate in an international dance competition. They were accompanied by the director of the dance theater. At night, he tried to harass one of his students. However, the boy rebuffed the teacher and beat him.

At the court session, the Russian born in 1992 fully admitted his guilt and repented of his deed. Taking into account the circumstances of the case and the positive characterization of the defendant, he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment with a suspended sentence of two years’ probation. In addition, the man was banned from working with children for 10 years. The statutory deadline for appealing the verdict has not yet expired, the press service stressed.

Earlier in Leningrad region the court accused the father of eight children from the village of Himozy of pedophilia. The police became interested in the family of the accused after discovered during a search of his house, rifles, automatic weapons, and body armor with the inscription “FSB“. At the same time, the mother of the Russian children was his cousin. After some time, a friend of the family contacted the police, who said that the man had raped one of the daughters for several years. As a result, he was sentenced to compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

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