March 29, 2023

Assault team leader Alexander Maltsev with the call sign “Kuban” died heroically on Ukraine, covering the withdrawal of a group with a wounded soldier after three days of continuous assault operations to capture the strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). This is reported RIA News referring to a colleague with the callsign “Carlson”.

Russian soldier who single-handedly captured enemy trench dies in Ukraine

According to him, when a group of five Russian fighters approached the “opornik” of the enemy, the Ukrainian military opened fire. One of the group members was injured. “Kuban” began to cover his comrades and diverted attention to themselves.

“A machine gun was fired in his direction. He fully provided for our departure. In the evacuation area, we learned that the Kuban was not with us, ”said the military man.

As clarifies RT, shortly before his death, Maltsev accomplished a feat. He carried out the task together with the group, several people were injured. Then the Kuban dragged them to a safe place, after which he single-handedly captured the enemy’s trench, destroyed three soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and took two prisoners.

Now documents are being prepared to present Alexander Maltsev to the title of Hero of Russia posthumously.

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