March 30, 2023

Scientists from the Baltic Center for Neurotechnologies and Artificial Intelligence of the IKBFU I. Kant, Plovdiv University and Ural Federal University have developed a method for diagnosing major depressive disorder using MRI. Its accuracy is estimated at 93%.

Russian scientists have learned to diagnose depression using MRI

To study a picture of a magnetic resonance tomograph, artificial intelligence is connected, which can distinguish between neural connections in healthy and sick people. The latter have weakened connections between individual areas of the brain.

The effectiveness of the method developed by Russian scientists was confirmed by the experiment. It was attended by 49 healthy citizens and 35 people with a clinical form of depression, write “News”.

Early signs of depression may include apathy or increased anxiety, loss of appetite, lack of positive emotions, and sleep disturbance. If a person is in a depressed mood for more than two weeks, feels difficulties in communicating with others, he should apply immediately to a psychotherapist.

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