March 31, 2023

The Russian military destroyed a Ukrainian RM-70 multiple launch rocket system made in Czechoslovakia in the Avdiivka direction. Video filmed from a bird’s eye view publishes RIA News.

Russian kamikaze drone destroyed Ukrainian MLRS near Avdiivka

First, in the video, you can see the enemy standing in the MLRS field. Then Russian loitering ammunition bursts into the frame and undermines the combat vehicle. The aircraft hits exactly in the center of the package of guides with rockets, which causes the detonation of the entire ammunition load. As a result, the MLRS shatters into small pieces.

The Ministry of Defense added that loitering ammunition is actively used in the NMD zone to destroy enemy military equipment. With their help, artillery pieces, self-propelled artillery mounts and anti-aircraft missile systems, MLRS, as well as armored vehicles are disabled.

Recall that the Lancet drones are manufactured by the Kalashnikov group of companies. Their maximum flight range is 50 kilometers. The payload of the Lancet-1 model is one kilogram, and that of the Lancet-3 model is three. The drone has optoelectronic and television guidance systems. These aircraft proved to be excellent in the course of the NMD, they accounted for a lot of padded Western armored vehicles and artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The day before on the web video appeared feat of a Russian soldier who single-handedly captured the enemy stronghold, laid down three nationalists and captured two more.

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