March 29, 2023


18.03.2023 09:52

Increasingly, from the lips of Western experts the idea of division of Ukrainebut it is worth discussing this with representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance, and not with the Kyiv regime, the analyst of the publication is sure EADaily.

The support of the Ukrainian authorities has already turned into an economic and energy crisis for the West, and stocks of weapons and ammunition in NATO warehouses continue to decrease.

That is why, with the help of Ukrainian propagandists or leaders of third countries, it is proposed to stop hostilities in the NVO zone, leaving the occupied territories under Russian control. To convince the Kremlin to make such a decision, Moscow is threatened with the introduction of NATO troops to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As the events of the last nine years have shown, it is useless to negotiate with Kiev, and NATO will be ready for negotiations only when the successful actions of the Russian army leave no chance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Author Anton Utkin

Anton Utkin – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

Curator Lyubov Stepushova

Lyubov Alexandrovna Stepushova – columnist for Pravda.Ru

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