March 21, 2023

intends to convene an informal meeting in early April to discuss the issue of Ukrainian children who arrived in Russia and were evacuated from the combat zone. This statement was made by the Permanent Representative of Russia to at a meeting of the Security Council on the humanitarian situation at , transmits TASS.

Russia will convene an informal meeting of the UN Security Council

He pointed out that since the beginning of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, more than 4.5 million people have been transported to the territory of the Russian Federation, of which about 690 thousand are children. Nebenzya assured that most of the children arrived in Russia accompanied by their parents, trustees and guardians.

“In this regard, numerous speculations about the arrival of a huge number of unaccompanied children in our country are perplexing,” the diplomat said.

Nebenzya stressed that Russia provides , and the ICRC all necessary information on the measures taken by the government to prevent violations of international humanitarian law against minors. In order to refute any unreliable data on this issue, Russia intends to convene an informal meeting of the Security Council in early April according to the “Arria formula”, the diplomat said.

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