March 30, 2023

President of the Russian Federation signed a law according to which the Ukrainian citizenship of Russians will be considered terminated from the date of filing an application with about getting out of it. The document was published on the Official Portal of Legal Information. It will be possible to submit an application both in person and electronically on the portal of public services.

Russia has simplified the renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship

According to the law, from the date of submission of documents, citizens should refrain from exercising the rights and fulfilling the duties of a citizen of Ukraine, in particular, from using a passport and other documents proving citizenship. If a person violates this requirement, then the application for renunciation of citizenship will be considered invalid.

It will be possible to apply with a repeated application only after 10 years from the date of recognition of the first application as invalid. In addition, it is established that the application for a person under 14 years of age will be submitted by legal representatives: parents or guardians.

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