March 31, 2023

Russian actor criticized artists from , And for negative comments about the Soviet Union. In a comment to the website, he admitted that he could not understand his colleagues, who became famous as citizens of the USSR, and now “poured dirt on him.” According to the artist, in the Soviet years, artists enjoyed great popular love.

Roman Madyanov condemned the Baltic actors who criticize the USSR

“In addition to the main roles in the cinema, you were a celestial in ordinary life. If a popular artist came to the store, naturally, he was not served as an ordinary Soviet citizen, everything was pulled out from under the counter for him, ”Madyanov recalled.

He noted that fans tried to express respect and love to idols at any available level. According to Madyanov, the former stars of the Soviet Union went “against the truth”, but “it’s their choice, and they have to live with it.”

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