March 21, 2023

For a long time, Zavorotnyuk lives with his spouse in . As Anna admits, the Emirates have become her second home and a country where everything suits her. Zavorotnyuk flew to to the family. Recently, Anastasia was discharged from the hospital.

Daughter Zavorotnyuk, who returned from Dubai, was shocked by a utility bill

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Anna notes that she would like to fly to only in summer, because it does not tolerate frost. In addition to the cold weather, Anna was outraged by the size of the utility bill. Zavorotnyuk Jr. owns an apartment in the center of the capital and tries to pay bills on time.

The daughter of the actress said she wants to try to save on utility bills.

“I decided to give up water, because why the hell are we paying for it if I’m not here?!” Anastasia said on her personal blog.

It turned out that Anna was charged for water according to the general meter, so the cost was high. Now Zavorotnyuk Jr. decided to keep track of her spending and take a closer look at money.

Anna decided to call plumbers and install an individual meter for herself. The blogger plans to take readings on his own and then pay the bills.

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