March 21, 2023

Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova complained to fans about insomnia.

The star posted a video on her social networks in which she said that she could not sleep after return from Africa. Buzova stressed that she was very tired on the set of the show “New Stars in Africa”.

“I can sleep even for 15 minutes between filming. I sleep always and everywhere. In cars, planes. But I arrived now and I can’t,” Olga told subscribers.

The TV presenter noted that the last time she fully rested in January. Buzova is sure that this rhythm will greatly interfere with her busy schedule.

The first episode of the show “New Stars in Africa” ​​has already been aired on TNT. The first to leave the fight for five million rubles Vitaly Gogunsky. In the knockout test, he lost to the actor Timofey Zaitsev.

Author Elizabeth Kleiman

Elizaveta Kleiman is a journalist and correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service.

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