March 30, 2023

Economic relations between And can still be restored, one way to do this is to launch the Nord Stream pipeline. This statement was made by the Prime Minister writes TASS with reference to an interview with Focus magazine.

Prime Minister of Saxony said that economic relations between Germany and Russia can still be restored

Thus, Kretschmer answered the journalist’s question about whether Germany ever plans to buy gas from Russia again and whether Nord Stream is needed in the future.

“Energy policy is about keeping options open,” he said. The Prime Minister of Saxony added that the construction of Nord Stream cost about €8 billion. In addition, the pipeline can transport not only gas, but also hydrogen.

The politician noted that the Nord Stream needs to be repaired in the near future, so that in five years Germany could choose among energy sources. At the same time, Kretschmer stressed that the German government should not bet on expensive liquefied natural gas, as this will eventually lead to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions. The Prime Minister of Saxony believes that the statement about the uselessness of the Nord Stream would be false.

“It is important for future generations that the pipeline remains accessible,” he concluded.

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