March 29, 2023

New details have emerged in the investigation of the Nord Stream terrorist attack. On the yacht, on which the terrorists allegedly moved, they found clothes and hair. The material has been submitted for DNA testing. About it wrote on Saturday edition of Bild, reports RIA Novosti.

Possible DNA of those involved in the Nord Stream attack found


On the yacht, they found an Icebreaker thermal T-shirt and a black Von Lamezan cap.

“Hair was found on it, which is now being examined in the laboratory for traces of DNA,” the newspaper writes.

It is not yet clear, according to Bild, whether the clothes found belong to any of the six people who chartered the ship in September.

Also on the yacht found a GPS-navigator.

During the search, the ship was in dry dock on the island of Rügen and was being prepared by the owner for resale.

Earlier, the German edition of Spiegel named the course of the Andromeda yacht, which, according to one version, was used in a terrorist attack on gas pipelines. The e-mail address used to rent the vessel may point to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, an American publicist stated that publications about the “Ukrainian trace” serve to divert attention from his investigation into the terrorist attack. Hersh is confident that the US and Norwegian military carried out the terrorist attack on Potokah at the behest of Biden.

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