March 30, 2023

Singer attacked the rapper with fists (Vasily Vakulenko) during the filming of the show “Voice” on . According to the new rules of the project, mentors can send colleagues to the block – this technique was used by when everyone turned to the participant Margarita Baghdasaryan from . He deprived the right to choose. Other mentors thought that Gagarina took advantage of this option, since she used to send colleagues to the block most often.

Polina Gagarina hit Basta on the set "Vote"

Photo: Newspaper.RuNewspaper.Ru

“I wanted to do it, yes! But I want to know which of us is a rat, ”Gagarina was indignant.

When it turned out that Belyaev had sent Presnyakov to the bloc, Basta said: “Our Volodya is cunning, and Polina is crazy.”

After the brilliant performance of Vasily Shkividorov, Gagarina ended up in the bloc. She approached the 35-year-old contestant with the intention of getting him out of the competition. Realizing that this was impossible, on the way to her place, Gagarina stopped by Vakulenko and began to beat him.

“I was beaten at the workplace, this is aggression!” Basta responded.

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