March 21, 2023

Press Secretary of the President of Russia called the supply of fighters from And disposal of old equipment. How informs TASS, a Kremlin spokesman noted that the transfer of aircraft to Ukraine will not affect the outcome of a special military operation.

Peskov compared the transfer of MiG-29 by Slovakia to Ukraine with the disposal of equipment

Recall that on the eve of Poland, and after Slovakia, announced their decision to transfer their MiG-29s to the Ukrainian authorities. At the same time, Slovakia stated that the aircraft had long been decommissioned and no pilots were being trained for them. In addition, they have problems with spare parts.

Peskov stressed that the equipment delivered to Kyiv would be subject to destruction. In his opinion, the transfer of MiG-29 fighters resembles “attempts to dispose of old unnecessary equipment.” At the same time, such a decision is a particular example of how a number of countries increase their involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

Note that in Ukraine itself they do not believe that the delivery of the MiG-29 can affect the situation at the front. As the adviser to the command of the Air Force (AF) of the Ukrainian troops noted to gain an advantage in the air, Kyiv needs modern multi-purpose aircraft.

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