March 23, 2023

An anti-war march took place in Paris. Demonstrators demanded a policy of peace and exit from And , transmits TASS.

On the march in Paris, they demanded the withdrawal of France from NATO and the EU

The action began on Port-Royal Boulevard. The demonstrators carried posters depicting the national symbol – Marianne. They chanted slogans calling for preventing the supply of weapons to Ukraine. In addition, there were demands for the French authorities to leave the ranks of NATO and the EU.

The march was organized by the “Patriots” party, led by the leader – Florian Filippo.

This is the third such action. The first took place on February 12. Then Filippo publicly cut the NATO flag.

“Patriots” consistently oppose the supply of French weapons to Kyiv. Filippo called Zelensky “a madman” when he demanded rockets and planes from the West.

France provided Kyiv with 18 Caesar self-propelled howitzers, two batteries of Crotale anti-aircraft systems and AMX-10 RC wheeled tanks.

Formerly Filippo declaredthat the French government will have no time to solve the problems of Ukraine, given that a rebellion has begun in the country.

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