March 21, 2023

Social network TikTok started discussing the sale of business in connection with the statements of the authorities about the ban of the application in the country. About it writes New York Post, citing sources.

New York Post: TikTok may sell the social network due to US threats

According to sources close to the company, TikTok is exploring options and possible deals that have been considered before. It’s about the presidency. – he has already received threats to ban the application.

So far, there is no information about with whom the issue of transferring the social network is being discussed. The publication notes that three years ago, cooperation with And . The first corporation makes software, the second – carries out retail trade.

Earlier, The Hill newspaper reported that the administration of the American president appealed to the Chinese owners of the social network TikTok with an appeal to sell their shares. If they do not, the application will be banned in the United States, the publication noted.

At the end of last year A bill has been approved that calls for a ban on the use of the social network TikTok on phones and electronic devices of the federal government.

Last month, federal agencies were given a month to remove TikTok from all government electronic devices. Recently it became known about the plans of American lawmakers to consider a bill that would allow the President of the United States to completely ban the application.

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