March 31, 2023

After repairs, pieces of old linoleum may remain in the house. Usually they just throw it in the trash. But don’t rush. It is the very place in the summer cottage, where there are many ways to apply it.

How to use old linoleum in the country in the garden

It happens that gooseberry or currant bushes amaze

  • sawflies
  • or firemen.

To avoid this, it is necessary to spread linoleum under the plant at the beginning of spring, but do not forget to remove it at the end of May.

Often in the country for the fun of children put a small inflatable pool. Fast growing weeds can pierce it. To avoid this, it is necessary to put an old linoleum under the pool.

It is good to put linoleum under:

  • bulk materials,
  • rubble,
  • cement,
  • sand, etc.

This will prevent moisture from entering the bags.

Experienced gardeners use old linoleum right in the garden. It is only necessary to make holes in it in the places where the plants are located. It turns out a kind of mulch. This will keep the weeds from germinating. The same method can be applied, for example, when growing strawberries. Ripe berries will not lie on the ground and, accordingly, will be less likely to be affected by gray rot. And the roots will not disappear even in extreme heat.

Empty, uncultivated areas of the garden can be completely covered with linoleum. This is a great way to kill anything, even the most stubborn weeds. Under the linoleum, weed roots will rot in a year. Thus, you can prepare an excellent site for a children’s town or flower bed. This method ensures that no new weeds appear there even after a few years.

Because linoleum is easy to clean and weeds can’t grow underneath, it’s a great material to lay out for greenhouse or regular garden paths. But here we must take into account that wet linoleum is very slippery.

Old linoleum can be sheathed with garden furniture, benches or tables.

Linoleum is an excellent roofing material, it can cover a small barn or garden outbuilding.

This material is sometimes even better than the usual roofing material.

But it is worth remembering that linoleum is not suitable as a material for sheltering plants in the winter. Also, do not use it for borders, linoleum is too soft for these purposes.

When the old linoleum has served its purpose in the garden or cottage, it should be taken to a landfill, but in no case be burned. When burned, it releases toxic substances.

Today, many people make repairs and at the same time change linoleum to laminate. With the help of an ad on the Internet, you can find a lot of people who want to get rid of the old linoleum. This will allow you to get a large amount of useful material for a summer residence, garden or vegetable garden.

Author Sergei Bukhransky

Sergey Bukhransky – journalist, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

Andrey Tumanov

Andrey Tumanov – Russian journalist and TV presenter, producer, politician

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