March 31, 2023
Details of conversation with Biden in Netanyahu's office

According to the publication, Netanyahu told Biden about the measures taken by Israel against terrorists and “architects of terrorism.”

“The conversation was focused on the Iranian threat,” the Israeli prime minister’s office wrote.

In addition, Netanyahu, in a conversation with the head of the American state, touched on judicial reform. He noted that Israel was and remains a state that upholds and promotes the values ​​of democracy. The prime minister also thanked the US leader for his commitment to Israel’s security, the publication said.

Earlier, the White House reported that President Joe Biden, during a telephone conversation with Benjamin Netanyahu, approved the agreements between Israel and Palestine to reduce tensions in the West Bank. The head of the United States also offered his help to resolve the situation in Israel.

The agency recalls that in Israel for almost three months there have been thousands of protests against the legal reform promoted by the Netanyahu coalition.

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