March 31, 2023

Businessman said on Twitter that the detention of the ex-president guaranteed to secure his re-election next year. About it writes RIA News”.

Musk predicted Trump would win the election if detained

It is noted that the day before, the former American leader said that on Tuesday, March 21, he could be detained by law enforcement officers. Trump has criticized the corrupt judiciary and urged his supporters to step out after his eventual arrest at the demonstration.

Musk emphasized that if a prominent politician is really arrested, then this will have a beneficial effect on his career. He clarified that the detention would allow Trump to win a “crushing victory” in the elections.

Recall that Trump is accused of paying a significant amount of money to pornographic actress Stormy Daniels for silence about the intimate relationship that allegedly was between them.

Former congressmen accused ex-president that he and his family withheld information about hundreds of gifts received from governments of other countries.

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