March 31, 2023

Music critic Oleg Karmunin published a list of songs that were banned from being broadcast on one of the Russian radio stations. Among them were the songs of Alla Pugacheva, Leonid Agutin and the Meladze brothers.

Songs of Pugacheva and Agutin banned from radio rotation

There are more than 200 banned songs on the list. Among them there are compositions not only by Pugacheva, Agutin and the Meladze brothers, but also songs by Verka Serdyuchka, Nargiz, the Vremya i Steklo group, Max Barsky, and other celebrities who left Russia or opposed the SVO.

Separately, Karmunin singled out the ban on the compositions of Sofia Rotaru. According to critics, the reasons for this decision are not entirely clear.

“I was also pleased with the ban of Natasha Koroleva’s song “Kiev Boy” and Leonid Agutin’s cover “Bows full of mullets Kostya brought to Odessa.” For obvious reasons. And yet – in a separate line – you can not put the song “Combinations” with the words “American fight, I’ll leave with you. Moscow, goodbye!”. It’s touching,” added the music critic.

Formerly Ilya Reznik toldwho will perform the hits of Alla Pugacheva at his anniversary concert.

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