March 31, 2023

– Indeed, people in uniform quickly came to two establishments at once, everyone was pushed along the walls, someone was laid down, as far as I know. They began to selectively check phones, including tattoos. Then it became known that it was all done by employees with the support of the police, the department for ensuring the rule of law and the constitutional order. In the department, everything was quite civilized, someone was asked for phone numbers, personal data was checked, apparently, they were checked for involvement in offenses. As a result, everyone was released quite quickly, in two hours, given that there were about 40 people there, according to a police officer. This is a productive result. The survey was conducted by FSB officers in the police building. We don’t know much more about this situation. They took cash registers, people are in limbo, they hope that these were just one-time events. But however, the management has already made a number of decisions, and one of the decisions is to remove one of the participants from his post for the time being, probably, he will leave the project completely.

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